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    For the last 20 plus years, I have researched, designed and exhibited a body of work composed entirely of paper.  Initially I worked exclusively in classical paper cutting techniques.  These pieces were effective in presenting hard edged, high contrast imagery suitable for illustration and commemorative works.  Then these pieces fell under the category of Scherenschnitte, a European art form brought to this country in the mid 1700’s.  Now my work has evolved into exciting highly unique and complex statements and the term Scherenschnitte in reality no longer completely describes my work.


    In response, to convey a more complex level of meaning and expression, I began to search for a way to incorporate varying paper techniques in a single work.  This, coupled with my consuming interest in the science of papermaking and the historical use of paper, lead me to explore many paths of paper manipulation and decoration.  These paths have come together in many surprising and unique compositions.


    A paper cutting can be simply hand colored or textures can be drawn into the piece.  Often I add old currency, valentines and other vintage papers throughout the piece.  Other techniques used are printmaking, embossing, collage and paper casting.


    My design sources are just as varied.  Storytelling is an essential component.  The objective or philosophy of my work is to preserve ideas that have been for the most part forgotten but are worthwhile.  I like to create a thread from generation to generation.  That is why I have included Biblical passages, hymns, fables and Roycroft mottos as subject matter.  Other pieces capture the mood or spirit of the songs and poems from childhood.  In many cases the words are cut into the piece itself.


    As a designated Roycroft Master Craftsman, it is truly a pleasure to be affiliated with the Roycroft since 1986.  Although I make my home in East Aurora, my work now resides in private and corporate collections across North America, England, Germany, Finland and South Africa.


    I look forward to working with you to design a piece of art that fits your need, be it a retirement, marriage, anniversary, birth, memorial or something really unique for you home.

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